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interview from a bar stool with shadi javadi

We first discovered the My Therapy Bar as a delightful giveaway at an event. Not only did the bright red box boldly stating “I love you” catch our attention, but the pure deliciousness of the chocolate had us after the first morsel. After eagerly finishing the entire bar, we came across a lovely inspirational note. We were hooked. Love, chocolate, and words of affirmatio – this was our kind of therapy!

Immediately, we reached out to find out more about Shadi Javadi, the lovely mastermind behind Deliss Chocolate.

How and why did you come up with the My Therapy Bar concept?

Eating chocolate and reading self-help material eased the pain of going through a very difficult divorce. I decided to make the most of my situation; hence marrying the two concepts for a delicious treat which would send a heartwarming message to the person enjoying the chocolate. “My Therapy Bar”, by Deliss Chocolate was born as I found an instant therapy eating good chocolate and I thought what better way than to mix such a delish treat with inspirational messages for an instant therapy session at a very affordable price.

Why did you decide to include a little inspirational surprise with each bar?

The names of the bars are all very positive and are in fact representing each stage of my life’s lessons learned, which I wanted to share with everybody through my products. The “I love myself…” (50% Dark Chocolate) was created first as I had to learn how to truly love and forgive myself for my past mistakes. More often people tend to misunderstand this very powerful statement for being conceded or egoistic. When in fact to find the true happiness and meaning of our existence in life, one needs to understand that we are all perfect as we are and there is no mistakes in life.

It is all about our lessons that we have to learn and we need to be mindful that this journey that we are all going through, side by side, requires lots of love and flexibility in order to find a way to survive and to find happiness which is the ultimate goal for each and every one of us.. Going through my own journey I have learned that I have to “Love myself…” if I want to “Survive…” and once you survive you can let the world know that you have which resulted in “Look at me now…” ….When we leave this world, it won’t matter how much savings we had in our bank, but how many people we authentically loved and how many genuinely loved us back. The surprise quotes inside each bar is just a quote from an inspirational figure of our society to reinforce the positive names of the bars and to make them make resonate in one’s heart.

What motivates you more, fear or love?

In the past I used to make a lot of fear based decisions and it did not work so well for me. Now when I am afraid of something, I run towards it and try to face it with a lot of love and passion. I have learned that life is too short to live it in fear and nothing is as bad or scary as we make them in our own heads.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I am very busy with my work and my family, but I have learned if I don’t give myself some alone time…moving forward gets a little bit tricky at times. I take some time off to get a body massage which invigorates my body and my soul at the same time.

Do you believe in destiny?

I do believe in destiny. I believe that there is no accident in life and it is all planned out so perfectly to guide us and show us the path to love, light and happiness that is if we are open enough to choose with “LOVE” and not “fear”.

Dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate? How do you choose?

I love all chocolates but I am especially a fan of the dark chocolate. I have tried to keep the bars simple but high quality as the taste mattered to me the most. Dark chocolate is also more popular for its health benefits due to a higher content of cacao.

Do you have New Year’s resolutions?

My New Year’s resolution is to take care of my body and my health more. Take some time off for myself and get back in to my old exercise routine. Our bodies are temples of our soul and we tent to neglect the importance of maintaining a healthy body which is essential to keep a healthy and beautiful soul.

Biggest fear?

Failing as a mother would be my biggest fear in life. I like to be able to inspire my kids to be a positive member of the society. I want to teach them how to live a purposeful life and how to follow their dreams.

Greatest accomplishment to date?

Early on in my complicated divorce proceedings I had to make the decision of either quitting my case against my ex-husband or continue as a self-represented litigant. In September of 2011, I finished a 6 week Trial self-represented. After going through a very difficult two and a half years of going back and forth to the Court. I am so proud of myself to pull everything together. During this time I managed to open a business (My Therapy Bar), worked for another company to pay the bills, was self-represented in my legal matters and was also single parenting. I not only survived but I did so well at everything that I did, and above all I stood up for my rights despite all the pressures that I was facing.

Where is your favorite bar stool and what is your favorite libation?

My favorite bar stool is located at my kitchen counter as I love to cook and have my loved ones keeping me company while I do my magic. My favorite libation would be Therapy wine which is wonderful line of very well made wines here in the beautiful British Columbia. I love their Pink Freud. It also goes perfectly fine with a piece of “I love myself…”; it will sure create a very therapeutically fine moments in your life.

Best life advice you have received?

“Stay in the present moment”; it sure is a challenge as your ego is constantly taking you in the past or makes you all worked up about the things that are yet to happen. . The only moment we have is this very moment that we are in it, and if we are mindful of how we spend this moment, we can make a lot of changes in our future. The good or bad totally depends on how we spend this very moment…in joy or in fear…

What do you want the world to know about you?

I want the world to know that I am a human being, who has been through life experiences and by sharing my story I want to remind everyone that life is a lot simpler than what we make it out to be. We are all born to shine and all we have to do is to claim our powers that have already been given to us.

What do you want people to know about chocolate?

I want people to know that chocolate is full of healthy benefits which are backed up by actual scientific research. One of the most powerful benefits is the fact that it helps to elevates the mood, but the key is to portion control and not to self-therapy by eating the full bar ;) Try to eat a little bit of chocolate but eat it every day like your multivitamins, and it will sure provide you with therapeutic benefits; both mentally and physically.

Can you tell us more about Equality Now (Women for Women International)?

Being raised in Iran until I was 16, I had gone through the war between the Iran and Iraq and was able to see how it could affect people’s lives. Women for Women International provides women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies. They are changing the world one woman at a time which is totally aligned with my mission with my new found venture.

Biggest life lesson learned to-date?

That if you run away from your fears and not face them properly, they will hunt you in a different shape eventually. so it is better to face them and deal with them.

Your advice to chocoholics around the world?

To keep up the good work and to give “My Therapy Bar” a chance, I will assure them that they would be pleasantly surprised.

Lessons we learned from Shadi Javadi:

1. Love yourself. You are perfect as you are.

2. Tough times will make you a stronger person. Always be positive and good will come.

3. Face your fears and live in the present moment.


You can find My Therapy Bars at Save-On-Foods, Urban Fare, and Whole Foods, amongst others. See the full list of locations here.

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