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david ward on a bar stool

Described as Tom Waits meets James Brown meets Jeff Buckley, David Ward is a fixture on the Vancouver music scene, and quickly making his way to the far corners of the earth with an upcoming UK tour. His music is the perfect backdrop for a summer BBQ, a hammock nap, or a cold winter night in front of a fire. The man behind the music…

What’s your tale?

Born and raised in Vancouver. Wrote my first song called ‘Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World’ and 8 years later realized I may not have been the first to pen it. My first record was called ‘Saved by a Fender’ and had a picture of me on the front cover defending myself against a grizzly bear. Studied West African rhythms in Ghana. Have toured in Canada and internationally in Japan and this summer the UK. Released a brand spanking new EP trilogy called The Arrival May 2012.   

Favourite bar stool and why?

Six Acres in Gastown. Good beer selection. Great ambience and their menus are all dismembered children’s books. 

What are you drinking at said bar stool?

To be honest, I don’t know. I always ask the bartender for something delicious and they rarely disappoint.

Most interesting conversation you’ve had with a stranger.

I’ve had tons. I love hearing the stories of others. I play in an 8 piece funk/soul band called the Phonix and we have a man who has followed us from the casinos to the bars. He is in his late 50′s, early 60′s and started as a hair/fashion consultant in Hong Kong – a party king in a sleepless city. He joyfully abuses his body and handles the consequences like a champion. He moved to Vancouver to play out his days. On New Year’s Eve last year he was walking down one of the main drags of downtown Vancouver and was beat up and robbed, left in an alleyway, unconscious and his skull smashed into pieces. He was found by someone who called an ambulance and after quite some time in the hospital, he has made a full recovery and is back out dancing his ass off with The Phonix, never having dropped a beat.

What’s your most memorable moment on a bar stool?

In Sherbrooke, Quebec in a venue I dreaded I was completely ill-suited for. I showed up – a solo, acoustic, singer-songwriter in a black lit venue, with a massive stage and drum riser, Jim Morrison painted in fluorescent white on the walls and stools full of hard drinking, worn down, middle aged men. It was the best show I played on that east coast tour. I sold the most merch of any spot I visited. And I sat surrounded by good folks, in merry conversation that took place in broken English and French, who all tried to get me drunk on the strongest beer they sold in Quebec.

Best line ever used by or to you.

“Jake was a flame to her chocolate and together they made fondue. When he held her she melted into him.” Although, that could be the best line used by Alexa Darin in the classic Good With His Hands. 

Do you sit at bars alone?

Only because I’m early. I like talking to bar owners who care about what they’re doing, soaking up the ambiance and listening in on other conversations.

If you could have a drink with anybody, who would it be?

Neil deGrasse Tyson or Jared Diamond. 

What’s your dream?

Creating art in all its facets with music at the very center. Making art with the wonderful community of talented individuals that keeps on growing in my life.

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