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contest: get seduced by burlesque

A burlesque performance is never long enough. The teasing could be stretched on for hours. Seduction has no time limit. Its sensual powers are eternal (if you’re lucky).

On November 10th, experience the seduction of burlesque like you’ve never seen it before. The Rio Theatre hosts Burlesque Long Form, starring Vancouver beauties Lola Frost, Cherry OnTop, Melody Mangler, Lydia Decarllo, Nicky Ninedoors, and April O’Peel.

Instead of the usual three to six minutes of sass, each performer will dance for a titillating ten minutes – a salute to the first days of burlesque when dance numbers were up to twenty minutes long.

Tales from a Bar Stool wants you to experience the captivation. To be teased by lace, feathers, legs and the curves of a woman’s body. Think you can handle it in public?

Leave a comment below detailing your favourite scene (real or contrived) of seduction for your chance to win 2 tickets to the evening. Increase your chances of winning by following @talesfromabar and tweeting the below:

Get seduced by beauties at #Vancouver’s Burlesque Long Form. RT & follow @talesfromabar to win. See #SeduceMe

Contest ends November 8, 2012 at 4:00PST. Winner will be picked at random.

Event details:

Burlesque Long Form
Rio Theatre
1660 East Broadway, Vancouver

November 10, 2012
Doors at 8pm
Show at 9pm
$15 in advance
$20 at the door

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Blush Lane

My favourite and most recent scene of seduction was Melody Mangler’s flame number at last week’s Taboo Revue. She started out with a matronly omish looking outfit, complete with black dress and white bonnet, under which she was hiding her flaming red hair and reams of fire-coloured tulle. Her underpinnings were nude except for the flames covering her bits, and her final seduction was a slow burn, slithering off a rope attached to a huge post. Seriously “HOT”.


my favorite number was a solo act by April O Peel. I first saw her perform this act at kitty nights, and was awed at the humour and grace she brought to her act! I was fortunate enough to see her perform this same act at the burlesque hall of fame weekend in Vegas where she won most comediec and received a standing ovation for her chicken and an egg routine. She makes burlesque fun

Nite Mare

As a fan of the freaky and bizarre, I still think one of my all-time favourite seductions was Roxi D’Lites “Queen of the Cooch,” performed at Theatre Bizarre in Detroit. The set design itself was enticing; a freakshow caravan promising a glimpse of the most unholy temptress – the Queen of the Cooch! And thus emerged Roxi, who uses impeccable choreography, hitting every sultry bump and grind with her curvaceous body. Every piece of clothing removed was a little melody in itself. And then, as she strips down to the barely-theres, she spends some time teasing behind luxurious feather fans. But to finish, oh most diabolical temptress – she summons her aerial hoop and twists her body into such seductive shapes in that circular frame. The first time I saw this, I felt I was truly seeing something from the intriguing, sensual underbelly of the travelling freakshow. And it came in at just under 10minutes. I wish it had lasted forever.


The best seduction is all in the eyes. The environment doesn’t matter.

Sleeping Beauty

One of my favourite seduction dances was done by BonBon Bombay. She dances with and is seduced by a skeleton which was actually a puppet that she cleverly integrated into her costume. So in fact she was being seduced by herself, perverted and sexy as heck.

Trevor P.

Turn on some music. Sinatra, Al Green. You know the kind. Bottle of wine. Stay up for hours talking. Getting physically closer and closer. Touching each other with every hand gesture. Until the only thing left to do is kiss her. And see where that leads… ;)

Bar Stool

One of my favourite seduction dances was done by Bon Bon Bombay.Thanks for sharing!!


Pants! Head! Now!


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