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euan rellie on a bar stool

I am particularly fond of the word rogue. Despite it harbouring negative connotations, I use it with affection and respect. Who said being a rogue is a bad thing? Forget that. Roguish is getting redefined. Take away unprincipled and dishonest. Keep mischievous. Highlight witty, intelligent, handsome, well-dressed, and British. Then use it in a sentence with Euan Rellie.

His profile decorates Society spreads and his sartorial prowess led to a feature on Mr. Porter’s The Way I Dress.  He highlights his colourful life and well-muscled opinions on Twitter, which often involve political quips, Arsenal passion, and nimble banter with friends and strangers. To boot, he rolls with a fashionable and diverse circle, including a stunning and accomplished wife. His clothes may “clash”, but Euan has created his own kind of distinguished.

Meet Mr. Rellie…

What’s your tale? 

I am a British investment banker, who has lived in New York for twenty years.  I’m married to Lucy Sykes, a British fashion editor and designer.  We have two sons, Heathcliff (9), and Titus (5).  I’m not quite ready to give up bars yet.

Favourite bar stool? 

The bar at Fatty Crab in the West Village, Manhattan.  It’s small, the crowd is agreeable, and the drinks are strong. 

What are you drinking at said bar stool? 

I have catholic taste.  I drink dark’n’stormies, gin martinis, picklebacks and cans of cheap beer.  Sometimes I persuade the bartender to drink one with me.

Most interesting conversation you’ve had with a stranger.  

The prettier the girl, the more interesting the conversation.  I always offer useful romantic advice.  I never hit on them, but I’m prepared to flirt if absolutely necessary.  I find other peoples’ love lives to be incessantly fascinating.

What’s your most memorable moment on a bar stool? 

We came up with a solid plan to solve world peace.

Best line ever used by or to you. 

The one where the girl tells me I’m clever and funny, or cool.

Do you sit at bars alone? 

Yes I often sit by myself.  Booze and bar hubbub represent acceptable company by themselves.  A good bartender helps.  And I don’t find it too terribly difficult to make conversation with random fellow drinkers.   

If you could have a drink with anybody, who would it be? 

Mike Bloomberg.  My #1, all-time hero.  I chatted briefly with him once, but we hardly got going.  Or failing that, Kate Upton.

What’s your dream? 

To spend six months away from civilization, living in a minimalist, comfortable beach hut, on a remote tropical island.  A sympathetic beach bar, and a couple of empty bar stools, within strolling distance.  

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