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rome after dark

When I travel, I become someone else. Perhaps it’s closer to who I really am. Who I strive to be at home. Regardless, I feel freer. I do things I may not do at home. I pack my life with as many moments as possible. Each one escalated. Playing in HD. Essentially, I live on more whims.

I went to Italy in October. Pasta, sun, history, wine and men. Inevitably men. I don’t know why more single women don’t flock to Italy for a burst of attention. While I was in Italy on my first mother-daughter trip, I knew there would be distractions of testosterone. Around every brick corner, under each archway, and on a variety of bar stools. The Italian stallion is no myth. Read more

keep dreaming

I sometimes meet people at exactly the right moment. A moment when I need a sign to keep going. That I can and will succeed in achieving all of my dreams.

Writer’s block had afflicted me in the worse sense. I was practically burning up from it. Feverish not with words but with blank space. I was faced with a lined page with scribbles and crosses acting like grave markers to dead sentences. My apartment stifled the words and blocked them from emptying my head, so I did what any writer with an obstacle does… I changed my scenery. Read more

when the universe speaks

Sometimes, often times, the universe comes knocking. Placing people, circumstances and occasions in your path that cannot be ignored. Too coincidental. Must be kismet.

I had one of these episodes recently. Actually, I believe I have them every day. You just have to learn to watch for them. Become intimate with the ways of the universe. Or whatever your name for the “Universe” is. Read more

infatuation strikes

Last month during the film festival hoopla in Toronto, I sat on bar stools. In actual fact it was here that I felt more comfortable, more at ease, than at the parties and festival events. The bar stool was mine. A safe haven. A portion of the bar to claim as my own. It’s easier to be alone when in an environment more acceptable to ride the solo highway. Read more

surviving a tornado

It’s unfortunately true that the most obnoxious of interruptions are usually the most entertaining and memorable. The lasting impression of the imposter sticks to your skin like a spreading rash. Only the aloe of time will take away the burning redness. The longer you are exposed, the greater the affliction. Read more

saturday night heat

I’ll cut to the chase. Men who can dance are my weakness. Scratch that. Anyone who has an iota of rhythm captures my attention. I could watch dancers for hours, for days. In fact, I have. With my mouth gaping open, my feet subtly tapping, and my eyes sparkling. Enraptured. Men and women both have the power to hypnotize me. Read more

the unsavory, powerful, and intriguing

Designer suits, colorful socks, pocket squares, gluttony, money, power. This is the scene I walked into last week when meeting a male friend for a drink at a hotel rooftop lounge. Despite being an open air terrace, the testosterone hung heavily in the atmosphere without disappearing into the sky above. As I waded across the floor to my friend’s table, I felt eyes shooting pheromones at me. They went up my nose and in my ears, wrapping weighty fingers around my body and violating my nooks and crannies. Some may call this sensation delectable. Read more