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What people are saying about Tales from a Bar Stool…

The National Post’s Worthy 30 of Vancouver

“A mistress of the quip and a markswoman of the bon mot. Always saucy. Always game. A regular contributor about “life” to The Province and a sensation on Twitter, this agent provocateur-donning raconteur is convinced she was a wild horse in her past life. Her blog, Tales from a Bar, begins from the premise that “a bar stool is a platform for storytelling.””

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Playboy Energy Drink’s Open Sessions

“Until recently, the writer behind the popular and arguably notorious blog ‘Tales from a Bar Stool’ that detailed her nightly adventures with new friends, lovers, and ‘bosom buddies’ remained anonymous.”

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“Success is seeing dreams manifest. It’s being able to pursue and live out my dreams on a daily basis. To be successful in a job that doesn’t feel like a job. And ultimately, it’s the satisfaction of influencing other people to truly live. If I can help just one person lead a better life and inject some happiness into their day to day, that would put a smile on my face.”

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Baron S. Cameron interviews Tales from a Bar Stool

Sandra Anne (SA) is one of my dearest comrades, a kindred spirit, and a pair of buns I can spot with my peripheral vision from across the street. Not to mention forward thinking, beautifully self-confident, and a fantastic writer.

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Vitamin Daily

“If you’re aiming to put yourself out there more this year (or just looking for another guilty pleasure), let us introduce you to your new nightlife gurus. “SA” and “WT” are two anonymous Vancouver gals kissing and telling, with a few life lessons thrown in, on the blog Tales From A Bar Stool…”

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Yaletown Blog

“I occasionally read a website called Tales From A Bar Stool, if you haven’t heard of it you are missing out. It is an insiders look at the nightlife in Yaletown written from the perspective of two girls who share their thoughts and adventures in the Yaletown entertainment district…”

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Define Magazine

“Dating. While you may not realize it, it’s actually quite similar to a sport. For instance, there are winners and losers, and in order to get some action, you have to stop sitting on the bench and get in the game. But also, as in sports, there are people who excel and those who find dating arduous.  The gals over at Tales From a Bar Stool (@talesfromabar) excel at dating. They’re not afraid to take one for the team or make adjustments to improve…”

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Are You Wolf Enough

“When I was introduced to this amusing local blog, of course it started a flurry of texts:  Me: OMG did you see the link I just sent?  Other wolfie #1: You mean the best blog ever? I want to be them. Either of them.”…

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