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TIFF13: Intimacies at the Asian Film Summit Gala

The chemistry at a dinner table is a delicate formula. If not executed in the right manner with each element carefully considered and inserted in a particular order, the outcome could be explosive. Damaging. Or, even worse, flat and forgettable.

The other night I was part of a formula to create the perfect dinner table dynamic at the Asian Film Summit banquet. The close of a day celebrating East-West relations and the continual growth of the Asian film industry. Read more

rome after dark

When I travel, I become someone else. Perhaps it’s closer to who I really am. Who I strive to be at home. Regardless, I feel freer. I do things I may not do at home. I pack my life with as many moments as possible. Each one escalated. Playing in HD. Essentially, I live on more whims.

I went to Italy in October. Pasta, sun, history, wine and men. Inevitably men. I don’t know why more single women don’t flock to Italy for a burst of attention. While I was in Italy on my first mother-daughter trip, I knew there would be distractions of testosterone. Around every brick corner, under each archway, and on a variety of bar stools. The Italian stallion is no myth. Read more

hollywood’s seedy and golden ages

I appreciate a dive bar. You know the kind (I hope you know the kind). Glassware with questionable marks staining the rim. Gum and other sticky treasures permanently affixed under bar surfaces. An indistinguishable odor permeating the air that would be in everyone’s best interest to stay unknown.  Sweat dripping down the walls like candle wax. Shady characters who may never have seen the light of day hiding out in darkness, beady eyes staring down on you, the imposter. Read more

the st. regis hotel: marking 99 years with a toast

I like to consider myself quite well versed in the world of hotels, particularly Vancouver hotels, but last week was my first excursion to the St. Regis Hotel on Seymour and Dunsmuir Streets. I walk past this historic lodging at least once a week yet have never set foot inside its wood paneled bar. Now I know I’ve been missing out.