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Candlelight Club illuminates Wildebeest

The brilliance or luster that a room exhales governs how an experience will impact those involved. Illumination dictates dialogue and influences a mood. Lighting is everything.

In terms of luminosity, moonlight is favoured. The kind that glistens off rippled water or spotlights lips meeting in the night. But when the moon is inaccessible or too dim, the glow of candlelight creates a hypnotizing alternative that instigates murmured tones and hooded eyelids. I can imagine the blaze of a hundred fireflies would be the only scene more whimsical than walking into a room afire with white candles. Read more

TIFF13: Intimacies at the Asian Film Summit Gala

The chemistry at a dinner table is a delicate formula. If not executed in the right manner with each element carefully considered and inserted in a particular order, the outcome could be explosive. Damaging. Or, even worse, flat and forgettable.

The other night I was part of a formula to create the perfect dinner table dynamic at the Asian Film Summit banquet. The close of a day celebrating East-West relations and the continual growth of the Asian film industry. Read more

TIFF13: coincidences amongst the chaos

Nights at TIFF squish together. Dance floors combine. Meals are forgotten. Sleep is as mythical as a black unicorn. And every night is a Saturday.

As I write this, it’s Wednesday. And I’m still putting the pieces of my actual Saturday into one puzzled picture. Memories lie in a jumbled box of mismatched fragments. I have been pulling colourful portions from the pile, one at a time, ruminating on each as I go. And now it’s time to make one complete image. Read more