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Be bold. Talk to strangers. Create tales.

I sit on bar stools. Sometimes alone. Sometimes with friends. Usually with an Old Fashioned. Always with the intention of talking to strangers. I’ve met lovers, business connections and bosom buddies. I’ve had life changing conversations and whirl wind adventures. I’ve experienced “what the fuck” scenes and “life is amazing” moments.

A bar stool is a confessional and a rendezvous point. Throughout time, it’s a place where minds converge and sorrows spill. Where lovers meet and demons lurk. A bar stool is a platform for storytelling.

But why don’t people talk to each other anymore? Strangers don’t equal danger. Too often we surround ourselves with friends yet fail to meet the unknown. We put up barriers to the very people we can learn from and be inspired by. People enrich our lives. It’d be silly not be meet more.

Reality: Not everyone knows how to socialize. I’ve seen it. Those awkward pick up lines, rude statements, and creepy crawlers. These tales aren’t just stories, they’re a lesson plan. They’re here to teach you how to socialize. How to break down barriers. How to live life like there’s no tomorrow. Inspire you to get out of your element and meet more people. Open your mouths and speak. Smile. Wink if you must!

Talk to everybody… It’s often the seemingly ordinary who are quite extraordinary.

~Sandra O’Connell

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Photo by Baron S. Cameron